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Clow Stamping


clow2Clow Stamping Company, with over 300 employees, provides services to the OEM Industry in prototype and short to medium volume metal stampings, using most of the materials available.

Clow Stamping Company provides solutions to your challenges - whether they are in manufacturing or shipping. We rely on two advantages: pride in craftsmanship, and a modern, 187,000 square foot facility housing some of the most advanced resources available.

Learn more about the solutions we offer...such as laser technology, in-house tooling with CAD assistance, value-added operations to stamping, and punch presses with coil feeds and a capacity range of 45 to 400 tons. And that's just the beginning.

clow3Laser Technology

Laser prototyping is among the biggest advances in parts production technology in five decades, and we're committed to being on the cutting edge.

ISO 9001:2008

Clow Stamping Company is committed to providing the highest quality parts achievable. To that end, the Bureau VERITAS Certification certified our Quality Management System in 1996:

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